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Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair

Remove small and large dents without having to go to a body shop at an affordable price. We use paintless dent repair techniques that allow you to wait for the repair in store!

Hail Damage Repair

Bring your hail damaged vehicle to Ming Shine for an assessment, call us as an appointment and consultation will be needed. Direct billing to insurance companies, and we will even pay your deductible!

Interior Protection

Interior Protection For Leather, Vinyl, And Fabric

Protect your vehicle's interior from harmful UV rays, chemicals, and liquid spills. Our Interior protection is specially formulated for each type of surface such as, leather, vinyl, alcantara, suede, polyester, and imitation leather.

Interior Detailing Edmonton

The inside of vehicles should be decontaminated weekly just like your home. Keep your interior fresh and clean with our interior detail services. Our interiors are extremely thorough, diligent, and precise. We go through absolutely every little nook and cranny to make even the most analytical people happy!

XPEL RX Microbial Film

Xpel RX Antimicrobial Film has been specially formulated to resist the growth of microbes on its surface, creating a germ-free surface. Improve screen clarity, impact, and scratch resistance with RX Microbial Film.

Paint Protection

3M XPEL Paint Protection Film

Protect your vehicle from paint chips, scratches, and paint defects with Xpel Ultimate Plus. With Self-healing technology witness scratches repair and disappear in real time. We also have a life-time warranty for all installs!

Ceramic Coating

Protect every millimeter of your vehicle’s exterior surfaces with our Feynlab Ceramic Coating options. Feynlab specially formulated coatings are applied to all painted surfaces, glass, windows, plastic trim, exhaust tips, and even your rims for ultimate coverage.

Paint Repair

Overspray Spray Removal

Remove stubborn, swirls, scratching, marring, hazing, and discoloration to rejuvenate your vehicle’s paint. For a perfect showroom finish this is the go-to option.

Paint Correction / Power Polishing

Remove stubborn, swirls, scratching, marring, hazing, and discoloration to rejuvenate your vehicle’s paint. For a perfect showroom finish this is the go-to option.

Scratch Repair

With our methods of Dr.Colorchip, Sprayless scratch Repair (SSR), and wet sanding we can fix scratches at a much more affordable price compared to body shops and other competitors.

Paint Chip Repair

We fix and touch up rock chips that have damaged your paint. With our techniques and trained technicians, we are able to achieve great results at a much more affordable price.


Rust Protection


Protect your vehicle’s undercarriage and wheel wells with our petroleum based coating from Alberta’s harsh elements and Chemicals on our roads. This undercoating will become a black rubbery substance that adheres to all of your vehicles exposed undercarriage areas which also add a sound deadening effect.

Rust Proofing

Protect your vehicle from corrosion. Alberta’s harsh winters and salt ridden roads are detrimental to your vehicles, electrical components, and metal panels. Our wax based vapour is sprayed into all of your metal panels to keep your vehicles looking like new and maintain the value of your vehicle.

Window Tinting

Window Tinting

Give your vehicle a stunning look with Tekton window tint, and enjoy the benefits of privacy, brightness reduction, UV reduction and heat reduction.

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