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Scratch Repair

The Master Craftsmen of Sprayless Scratch Repair

Ming Shine is the only provider of Sprayless Scratch Repair (SSR). SSR is a unique patented repair process that virtually erases scratches on any auto finish. This process is more than 18 years proven, and now dealerships and retail customers rely on SSR for expert repairs on chips, scratches and blemishes in their car’s paint.

Unlike the patented SSR system, traditional spray repair methods are messy, time-consuming and not environmentally friendly. With our Sprayless Scratch Repair system, we offer an environmentally responsible solution for fixing scratches and chips.

Our Easy Four-Step SSR Process

  • Step 1: Clean Affected Area
  • Step 2: Rub Matched SSR Paint In Scratch
  • Step 3: Simply Buff Off All SSR Paint. The heat from the buffer activates the technology.
  • Step 4: Buff Off Remaining Polish

Watch how simply & effectively SSR technology works

Lifetime Guarantee

We offer a lifetime guarantee to our customers. SSR will not fall out, wash out, or even power-wash out. Guaranteed! This doesn’t protect against new damage.

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