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The Master Craftsmen of Sprayless Scratch Repair


Unlike the patented SSR system, traditional spray repair methods are messy, time-consuming and not environmentally friendly. With our Sprayless Scratch Repair system, we offer an environmentally responsible solution for fixing scratches and chips.

Wet sanding and Polishing Scratch Removal


Every Scratch can differ therefore Ming shine technicians are trained with various techniques and methods in order to get your scratch or paint defect looking as close to the factory as possible. WE ARE NOT A BODY SHOP, but our customers have been amazed with our results at a much more cost-effective price over a body shop. We can utilize SSR paint, Dr.Colorchip, wet sanding, and heavy compounding & polishing to get that scratch looking as good as possible but it is not always a 100% fix.

Lifetime Guarantee On Sprayless Scratch Repair


We offer a lifetime guarantee to our customers. Our scratch repair processes do not wash out for fade overtime, if they do get into contact with us right away.

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