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We are Edmonton’s top and most experienced paint correction and polishing experts in the city. We can permanently remove scratches, hazing, marring, and swirl marks from any colour for you bringing back that original shine! Most modern paint on vehicles have a primer coat, then a base coat, also sometimes a tri-coat metallic flake or pearl, and lastly a clear coat. We are shaving microns of thickness on the clear coat to make it as flat and smooth as possible.

The first step is to thoroughly clean your vehicle’s paint with a decontamination process using certain chemicals and clay grit to strip off any contaminants embedded in the paint, as a result, the paint will be extremely clean and smooth. This process is vital because during the compounding and polishing process it is possible to pick up the embedded contaminants and put scratches and swirls right back on the paint!

Next, we analyze the paint by using a paint depth gauge and our trained eyes to determine the severity of scratches, marring, and swirls. From there we would go ahead and compound the paint to remove any of the heavy hazing, marring, or scratches, which results in the removal of microns of the thickness of the clear coat..

After that, we would continue with a Polishing process which now removes the hazing and compound marks in the paint. This step brings out the true depth, color, and clarity in the paint!

The last step is to protect your new permanent paint finish. From here there are various options that we recommend like our Feynlab ceramic coating or XPEL paint protection film.

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