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Selling/Trading Car Package

Selling Your Vehicle?

Our Selling/Trading Car Package is designed for you. Just like an Open House brings in home buyers, a clean vehicle shows prospective car buyers the beauty that may lie beneath exterior filth and interior stains. Picture yourself test driving a vehicle smelling of gym socks and old coffee that gets your hands dirty at the touch of the exterior handle. Thank you….next!

An exceptionally detailed car that has been treated to an appointment at Ming Shine shows buyers that you care about this vehicle. If you cared enough to keep it clean, then you probably took are of the maintenance and repairs as well throughout the years.

An auto detailing appointment at Edmonton’s Ming Shine will help you:

  • Sell your vehicle faster
  • Sell your vehicle for more money
  • Exterior paint shine boost with a Ming polish
  • For an additional charge, we can help you with any dents and scratches.

It’s an easy decision! You may love your “new” used car so much that the hardest decision will be to actually sell it, or KEEP it.

Auto detailing will pay for itself and then some. But, Ming Shine understands you don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount to clean a car that you’re selling.

So, we have come up with a compromise…

Selling/Trading Car Package – ‘Selling your Vehicle / Trading in your Vehicle’ for only $299!


Increase the resale of your wheels with less hassle to close the deal.

A few areas Ming Shine’s pre-sale auto detailing package will target:

  • Paint Boost:  We will provide and exterior paint shine boost with a Ming Polish.
  • Dash and Console:  We will clean the Dash and Console as this is the first interior area the buyer will see this will creates a positive lasting impression.
  • Leather Seats Wiped and Cloth Seats Vacuumed : Clean seats and interiors increase the value of your used vehicle and shows pride in ownership.
  • Windows Cleaned and Polished: Interior and Exteriors windows wiped to spotless perfection.
  • Vinyl and Console Areas: The Vehicle is wiped and dresses which will restore to their beautiful glossy finish.

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