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Look no further if your vehicle has been affected by overspray. Mingshine are experts in removing overspray without damaging paint, glass, plastic trim, and all other exterior vehicle surfaces.

Overspray is an unwanted contaminate embedded into the surface of your car that usually appears as little specs. These specs can be felt and seen on your vehicle. If you slide your hand across any part of your car and it feels very rough and gritty almost like a coarse sandpaper to some degree, chances are you have overspray or some sort of contaminate that has adhered to your vehicle.

Most commonly at Mingshine we find that these tiny specs are a by-product of paint. Paint that was being sprayed near your car allowing the wet paint mist to float through the air and settle onto your car to dry.

These tiny paint particles are released into the air where the wind blows them sticking on anything they come in contact with. In this case this means your vehicle, and not just your vehicles paint, as paint overspray does not discriminate. It will be attached to every surface of your car regardless of the material: paint, glass, rubber moldings, plastic trim, wheels, tires, etc.

By-products of paint are not the only types of overspray there are various other types that could be embedded into your paint such as:

Industrial fallout (dirt particles mixed with chemicals)

Tree sap (parking your vehicle under trees can wreak havoc, and the sun can bake the sap in permanently damaging the paint)

Exhaust emissions (the fumes coming of out of your exhaust has particles that stains the clearcoat of your vehicle)

Bird droppings (Can be very harmful to your paint if left untreated and baked in the sun and can also permanently damage the paint)

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