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Ming Shine Paint Protection

Permanent Shine

Starting at $499

It takes technique to create and protect a brilliant shine. Ming can take your shine to new and incredible heights in creating stunning brilliance and protection. The highly exclusive Ming Shine is stronger than any other paint protection and we have the most extensive maintenance-free warranty.

  • One-time application
  • Extremely durable protection
  • Fewer and easier washes
  • Retain greater re-sale value
  • Repel water, dirt, road salt, ice, snow, and other environmental contaminants
  • Hydrophobic properties
  • Specifically formulated for Alberta‚Äôs weather fluctuations


Too good to be true?
Watch and see…

See what happens to the Ming Protected side verses the non protected side of a car hood when it is scratched with a knife.



Ming Shine is suitable for both new and used vehicles. If the vehicle is used, a paint correction and paint cleanse will be needed before applying the Ming Shine to ensure maximized protection.

The best solution for the colour-fading dilemma is Ming Shine. Our unique paint conditioner refines your paint to a better-than-new shine without re-painting.




Ming has been in the auto beauty industry since 1935. We value the longevity of our business and the high perception customers have of our quality. Highly trained and well chosen staff uphold Ming quality control where we use multiple stages of efficient checklists ensuring your vehicle reaps the benefits of first-time-right service. Our Ming team also uses key performance indicators ensuring your vehicle is being skilfully worked on and it is completed on time.



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* Extra cost for vans, 3/4 Tons, 1 Tons, and 7 seaters. ** Extra charges may apply for dog hair or excessive contamination.

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