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Glass Protection

Get protected with the Ming Windshield Treatment

Ming Windshield Treatment is an ultra-hydrophobic glass protection treatment that repels water, reduces glare and makes dirt, bugs, ice and snow easier to remove. Our treatment can be applied to all glass and mirrors, keeping your surfaces clean and pristine.

The benefits of our glass protection treatment

It helps with micro-beading

The Ming Windshield Treatment helps water to micro-bead on the windshield and easily roll off, leaving your windshield clearer than ever before.

It makes for an easier wash

The Ming Windshield Treatment allows insects to be washed away easier than ever before.

It makes it easier to remove ice

The removal of ice, snow, and frost is quicker with less effort with the Ming Windshield Treatment – perfect for those chilly Edmonton winters!

It makes driving safer

The Ming Windshield Treatment diminishes night glare, allowing for safer driving.

Our glass protection treatment improves clarity

Ming Windshield Treatment brightens your windshield to improve clarity.

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