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This package is also fantastic for people who are interested in selling their car, a clean vehicle shows prospective car buyers the beauty that may lie beneath exterior filth and interior stains. Picture yourself test driving a vehicle smelling of gym socks and old coffee that gets your hands dirty at the touch of the exterior handle. This is also a great option if you have just purchased a used vehicle and it could use some sprucing up and get rid of any the previous owners contaminates. An exceptionally detailed car that has been treated to an appointment at Ming Shine shows buyers that you care about this vehicle. If you cared enough to keep it clean, then you probably took are of the maintenance and repairs as well throughout the years.

The Renew package includes

  • Professional Exterior hand Wash.
  • Paint Decontamination – we do a process where we claybar and use chemicals to remove any contaminants embedded in the paint, this gives your vehicle an extremely smooth finish and touch.
  • Engine Bay Shampoo, scrub, and detail.
  • Undercarriage Rinse to wash off any grit and grime from our Alberta roads.
  • Thorough interior Vacuum, we will go through all of the nooks and crannies.
  • All surfaces will be Wiped Down and Disinfected
  • 1 Step Power Polish to bring back the depth and shine in your paint removing minor swirls and scratches as well.
  • Then we will finish it off with carnauba wax and Exterior Detail.

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