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With the elements of our environment especially here in Alberta, vehicles are exposed to some of the worst weather in the world. Hot summers with plenty of sunlight that deteriorate a vehicle’s clear coat with UV rays and worst of all our long dreadful winters age your vehicle quicker than a rolling rock star in their prime.

Rocks are laid out in the streets to provide grip on the vehicle’s tires, and rocks can be spewed up from other vehicles which pelt our paint causing chips and destroying windshields. The Constant thawing and freezing of snow seeps into our vehicles mechanical components causing premature wear and oxidation, especially on body panels that are the main sufferers from oxidization. Oxidization causes rust that eats away at your body panels making a huge eyesore and displeasure knowing that your vehicle is corroding away.

The only thing to fix oxidization and rust is to get very expensive body shop to remove it, and even then, most of the time these problems of oxidization and rust come back because the rust is deeply penetrated. Rust is insidious and it must be completely removed for complications do not persist, therefore here at Ming we cannot stress enough the importance of protecting your new vehicle to inhibit these problems.

We have six different new vehicle packages with a wide variety of protection to help keep that new car feeling!

We take immense pride in preserving the quality, safety and appearance of your new vehicle. Keep that New-Car-Feeling with our complete New Car Protection Package. The package includes:

Top off your New Car Protection Package with Chip Guard Protection to fully treat and preserve your entire vehicle – inside and out.

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