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Pricing for Chip Guard Package is as Follows:

City Package

$350 + Tax

Highway Package

$750 + Tax

Premium Package

$950 + Tax

City Package

XPEL ULTIMATE Plus Hood 24”, Fenders and Mirrors

The XPEL ULTIMATE City package is an excellent choice if you are on a budget and are looking for Basic Coverage or if you are on a short-term lease. This Coverage is great if you are driving short distances in the city. You will not get rock chips on the areas covered, but your front bumper is still a large exposed area that will see rock chips.

Highway Package

XPEL ULTIMATE Hood 24”, Fenders and Mirrors, Front Bumper

The XPEL ULTIMATE Highway Package is our most popular option and most commonly sold. This option is great because you now get coverage on your entire front bumper. The Bumper portion on vehicles takes the most amount of material and has a longer install time.

Premium Package

XPEL ULTIMATE Hood 24”, Fenders and Mirrors, Front Bumper, Rear Bumper Strip, Headlights, Fog Lights, A-Pillar, Doorcups and Cabtop.

The XPEL ULTIMATE Premium package is an excellent option if you are planning on keeping for many years to come. This package protects the areas that are most susceptible to paint chips as well as the areas that are commonly scuffed are grazed eventually causing your paint to become hazy and scratched. The Headlights and Fog lights are added to this because overtime they will become pitted and hazed thus resulting in decreased output.

Additional Options

Rocker Panels, Full Fenders, Full Hood, Wheel Arches & Much More

  • All painted surfaces can be wrapped in XPEL paint protection film. We have years of experience and are capable of wrapping your entire vehicle for ultimate coverage. We would never discourage our customers from getting more PPF as the more coverage you have the more your vehicle will benefit!
  • Ask us about XPEL ULTIMATE STEALTH For matte finished vehicles or transform your vehicle into a sleek satin finish!

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