Feynlab Ceramic Paint Protection delivers more gloss and greater protection for your car, truck, or SUV than ever before. If you’re looking for ceramic paint protection in Edmonton, look no further than Ming Shine for renowned, ultimate protective paint coating. 

Very, very, very hard to scratch.

Ceramic paint protection is applied by hand as a liquid, but as it dries it bonds with your vehicle’s clear coat to form the most durable paint protection on the market.

Instead of relying on the traditional backbone of Silicon Dioxide (Si02) alone, Feynlab embraces a more complex approach combining Si02, Si3N4 (Silicon Nitride), and SiC (Silicon Carbide) to create a product line of ceramic coatings to solve all vehicle owner preferences and needs. This philosophy yields exceptionally thick ceramic coatings with extreme durability, strong chemical resistance, intense UV & heat protection, a high gloss finish, and an impressive hydrophobic surface, making vehicle maintenance super fast and simple.

The clear coat on a new car generally measures between 2H and 4H on the Mohs hardness scale. Once it cures, ceramic paint protection creates a glass coat surface with a whopping 9H that offers unmatched protection against rock chips. Diamonds, the hardest natural substance, come in at 10H.

The only downside to CERAMIC PAINT PROTECTION is that we’ll see you less often.

Not only does ceramic paint protection protect your car from physical and chemical damage, it also resists everything from bugs to bird droppings to water spots. Its smoothness and hydrophobic properties make your paint self-cleaning and, when it’s finally time to stop by Ming, the freshly-washed look will last significantly longer.


Included in all ceramic paint protection packages is a Ming Windsheild Treatment.  This includes a ultra-hydrophobic application for glass which helps to repel water, reduce glare and makes dirt, bugs, ice and snow easier to remove. It can be applied to all glass and mirrors, keeping your surfaces clean and pristine. ( Learn More )