Why You Should Repair Car Dent Sooner Than Later

Whether you try repair the dent yourself or take it to Ming Shine, the best approach is to fix is as soon as possible. That way, you do not have to look at that dent every day and have that little voice nagging you everyday to get it fixed. In addition, here are 5 reasons why you should fix those dents as soon as possible!

1. Rust Problems

Dents cause unsightly blemishes on your vehicle. But, the real problem is they can cause cracks in your paint. Especially in Edmonton, moisture and salt can seep underneath the paint and clear coat where it will reach the unprotected metal part of your vehicle. Over time, water and moisture will oxidize causing rust spots resulting in very expensive repair. 

2. Long-term damage to the paint

Another issue to consider when deciding how to fix a dent in your vehicle is that is often involves more than just pounding out the dent. If there are scratches on the dent, you will also need paint repair, which involves another skill that most people don’t have experience with. This can lead to delaying your repair, which in turn, can lead to further damage to the paint. 

If you ignore the paint damage that occurs with a dent, it will get worse. Weather conditions, everyday wear-and-tear, and even washing your vehicle can cause the cracks in the paint to grow later. 

3. Reduced resale value

The appearance of your vehicle affects your vehicle resale value more than you think! No matter how well your vehicle runs, the exterior appearance factor for anyone looking to purchase a used car. Little things like unrepaired dents can lower the value of your car. Add paint damage and rust spots to these car dents, the price a buyer is willing to pay will decrease even further. Potential buyers may wonder what else is wrong with the car, such as the engine, brakes, or other parts. Unless your car is old and in poor condition overall, fixing any dents can be a simple step to bring up the value of your car.

4. Cheaper to fix

Fixing car dents right away will invariably cost less than if you wait. It doesn’t take long for rust spots to appear or paint to start flaking away. Especially in Edmonton, where we see a lot of salt, the damage will spread even faster. 

5. Your Safety

Safety is always the #1 priority. Even small dings and car dents can mask underlying structural damage that isn’t obvious on the surface. If you get in a head-on or rear bumper collision that damages the quarter panel, it could bend the underlying metal. This can lead to front- or rear-end instability that could compromise vehicle safety and cause an accident.

Get your dent fixed at Ming Shine

We have specialized in Paintless Dent Removal since 1992! servicing dealers, body shops, and individuals from Edmonton and Calgary. All our repairs are handled quickly and completely without damaging the factory paint or clear coat.