Winter is a festive season loved by most. However, one thing car owners may not love about it is its risks on cars due to salt, ice, & snow on our Edmonton roads. But this can be prevented with frequent washes!

Why it’s Important To Wash Your Vehicle More Often During Winter

Winter is the season wherein car owners should be more cautious about their cars. You may have to endure the cold and put in extra effort to wash your vehicle, but it can work wonders on your car’s condition and your safety in driving!

Prevents the Risk of Rusting Posed by Salt

One very big problem for car owners during winter is salt corrosion. It is a side effect on cars from the use of salt on the road to melt away accumulated snow and ice that make the road slippery.

Although the use of salt on roads is advantageous for road safety, it can also bring disadvantages to a car’s condition. When salt splatters on your car and moisture mixes with the salt, it would result in a chemical reaction called oxidation, which can cause salt corrosion, eventually resulting in the rusting of a car. It will not only ruin your car’s bodywork, but it will also lead to various mechanical issues. Washing car in winter more frequently would prevent such problems.

Prevents Expensive Repairs

When a car is neglected during winter, it would have to undergo rust-related repairs. In worst cases, badly rusted parts would have to be replaced. Or you may even be forced to just buy a new car.

It would be much wiser to wash your car more often. That way, you wouldn’t have to deal with costly repairs or buy a new car.

Lengthens Car Lifespan

The rusting of a car due to neglect during winter could shorten its lifespan dramatically. But if it’s well-taken care of, it would have a longer lifespan.

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