Winter is in full swing in Edmonton, and that means frigid temperature, icy conditions, and lots of snow (and salt!) on our roads. 

Winter is very hard on our vehicles. So at Ming Shine, we’re here with some tips on how you protect your vehicle from the elements. From paint protection to preventing corrosion due to salt. 


1. Get Your Vehicle Washed & Waxed Regularly During The Winter 

Road salt is a wonderful thing when it comes to keeping our roads free of snow. Road salt lowers the melting point of water, so that snow and ice melt away even when the temperatures are below freezing. This makes it much easier to drive in wintry conditions.

However, road salt is extremely corrosive and can damage your vehicle paint job. 

Most cars with intact paint are not at risk of this, because there is nowhere for the salt to begin corroding. But if you already have some rusty spots, or areas where your paint is chipped away, you may be at serious risk of further damage.

You should wash and wax your car regularly during winter, to avoid this. Washing removes most of the salt that builds up over time, and waxing can help repel dirt, mud, water, and snow that contains salt particles.

2. Keep Your Interior Clean!

It’s impossible to avoid bringing slush, water, and snow into your car during the winter, but you should use the appropriate products to make sure it doesn’t stain, or damage your interior upholstery. 

Our professionals here at Ming Shine offers a variety of services to help you protect your vehicle from everyday wear and tear! 

3. Protect Your Vehicle Paint With Paint Protection Film

As the city of Edmonton clears our roads, the city uses sand and salt as required with sanding trucks and what’s the best way to protect your vehicle from those sand/ rocks that get thrown at our car? 

With XPEL Paint Protection Film! XPEL is the best way to protect your vehicle’s vulnerable areas from paint chips applied by our certified protection film installers to ensure your vehicle stays protected.

We offer XPEL Ultimate paint protection film. The difference between XPEL paint protection film over 3M paint protection film is XPEL Ultimate plus is extremely durable resulting in more resistance to rock chips, scratches, and is self-healing!


4. Keep Your Car Inside If You Can – And Protect It If You Can’t

It’s ideal to have a garage to store your car, of course. This makes it easy to keep your car warmer in the winter, and you may avoid having to use appliances such as block heaters during the colder months in Edmonton. But we realize not everyone has a garage or carport where they can keep their vehicle, and they may have to park on the street.

If you park outside, you’re going to need either a block heater or an electric engine blanket. Both of these devices work by warming up your engine and keeping it from getting too cold – which can result in sludgy oil, poor performance, or even a failure to start altogether.

You should also consider investing in a car cover. Car covers can be used to protect your vehicle from ice and snow when you’re not driving, and have the added benefit of being removable. After a snow storm, you can remove the cover, and the ice and snow will come off with it!