Learn about our hygienic protocols
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Cleaning Your Car During COVID-19

We follow strict protocols to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. Find out how we’re preventing the spread of COVID-19 while cleaning your car.


Why Winter Detailing Protects Your Car

Road salt wreaks havoc on cars during the winter months. Discover how auto detailing can keep your vehicle clean and protect it in freezing temperatures.

Edmonton Window Tinting

Beauty & Repair

Window Tinting: The Car Accessory You’re Missing Out On

Gone are the days that window tinting is reserved only for the luxury lifestyle with limos and celebrities. Thousands of cars are sold in the Edmonton area per year, and we’ve seen a lot of them in for Ming Shine’s unsurpassed tinting services. Why? Because they don’t quite meet personal preferences when it comes to tinting and it’s an easy and affordable way to personalize your car.