Helis to Cars: Let The (Rock) Chips Fall Where They May

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Not too long ago, protecting the hood of your vehicle from projectile debris meant an odd-looking vinyl bra, unattractive hard-plastic wind reflectors and mud flaps. They worked – for the most part - if you didn’t mind reducing the sex appeal of your car by at least half.

The idea of a protective film was initially developed by 3M to lengthen the life of helicopter rotor blades. The product, proving to be invaluable in the aviation world, crossed over to the automotive industry. It was first used on race cars and luxury vehicles, eventually being thinned out, even more, to be used by daily drivers. Some people still refer to the product as its old nickname, “helicopter tape”.

Today, the relatively invisible film not only protects against hi-speed flying debris but offers a barrier against UV rays, dust, dirt, grime, and bug "juice", even acting as a cushion for minor fender bumps and bruises.

Rock chips, nicks and dimples are part of the driving experience. While it seems trivial in the big picture of life, having this occur before you even get one car payment to the bank can be a bit aggravating.

Is it worth it to install a rock guard package to your new vehicle? Well, do you live in the Edmonton area? Then the answer would be a resounding, YES!

Think of it this way…

Did you obey and buy the protective film for your new cellphone that the sales rep suggested? Your phone is worth about $1200.

 How much did you spend on your new vehicle?  Aha! We thought so.

Gravel roads, rocks and salt leftover from winter, extreme weather conditions and those mosquitoes the size of small missiles; they all cause significant damage to the entire front end of your vehicle including leading edges, rocker panels, door edges, mirrors and the painted areas behind the wheel wells.

At Ming Shine, we use a high-quality urethane film called XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film which offers unique benefits such as:

The Clearest Protection - optically clear, zero orange peel finish leaves the film virtually invisible.

Stain and Discoloration Resistant - bird droppings, air pollution and road grime will never leave the film stained or yellow, unlike lower quality alternatives.

Self Healing - the advanced clear coat heals over time, eliminating swirl marks and other fine scratches.

Maximizes Re-Sale Value - lasts for years ensuring your vehicle looks newer, longer.   

Along with Ming Shine’s transferrable warranty, experienced and certified installers, same day service and top-grade XPEL DAP software to ensure proper fitting, you’ll appreciate the rock guard protection down (not only the gravel) road.

There’s no clearer choice when it comes to rock guard protection in Edmonton for your new or used vehicle. Contact us today and book your appointment.


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