A Detailed Look: 6 Essentials to Keep Your Vehicle Looking New


What is car detailing? Ask most people and they'll tell you it's a deep down car wash. Here at Ming Shine in Edmonton, we go the extra step above a car wash. Then we take it another step. And, another nine just for good measure.

But bringing out your car’s natural exterior brilliance isn’t all we do.

You regularly take your vehicle in for oil changes, brake tests, and other fluid top-ups. However, maybe you're on the fence whether detailing is important or worth the expense.

Taking care of your vehicle inside and out with “more than a deep down car wash” is important and here’s why:

Promotes Good Health

Your sedan or SUV carries 5 passengers. Maybe. But, we bet you have millions, if not billions, of unseen passengers hitching a ride. Dirt, dust and debris inside your car allow bacteria and allergens to circulate in your vehicle. Our detailing experts will tell these unwelcomed guests to take a hike!

Increase Resale Value

Sure! A good cleaning right before you want to sell your vehicle helps. But you like money, right? Imagine, even after years of use, your vehicle was in pristine condition. It will sell quicker if it's as scratch-free as possible, and at its shiniest and cleanest; inside and out.

Reflects Professionalism

We hate to get all judgemental but a dirty, messy car really does send a message. If you're in a career that requires driving clients around, or even be seen by customers and clients, then a well-kept vehicle should be among your to-dos to help maintain your professionalism at all times.

Now that we know why we should detail our vehicles, what are the basics when it comes to detailing your car in Edmonton?

Windshield Treatment

Whether you commute to work, visit friends or run errands, your windshield is vital to the safety and comfort of your drive. Our windshield treatment is an ultra-hydrophobic application for glass, which helps to repel water, reduce glare and makes dirt, bugs, ice and snow easier to remove. It can be applied to all glass and mirrors, keeping your surfaces clean and pristine.

Paint Protection

Think all paint protection services in Edmonton are the same? They're not! Ming Shine uses a unique technique to create and protect taking your car’s shine to new and incredible heights in stunning brilliance. The highly exclusive Ming Shine paint protection is stronger than any other and we have the most extensive maintenance-free warranty.

We pride ourselves on keeping new cars looking newer, longer – with a better than showroom shine. But did you know, Ming Shine is also suitable for older vehicles? We do a thorough paint correction and paint cleanse before applying the Ming Shine, restoring your paint to a better-than-new appearance.

Rock Guard Film

Gravel leftover on the Anthony Henday from a long Edmonton winter can be a nightmare for your vehicle. The XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film is a virtually invisible, self-healing urethane film that protects the paint from nasty rocks, chips, scratches and swirls. Rest assured that with very little to no unsightly damage, you'll maximize the resale value of your car.

Rust Protection

Once your car rusts, there is NO turning back. It is permanent.

After years of exposure to Alberta's harsh weather conditions and road salt, rust usually appears in weaker areas of our cars. If left unchecked, rust can spread like wildfire and cause damage to mechanical parts that are essential to the safe running of the vehicle. With a one-time application, Ming Shine Rust Protection preserves these parts such as the gas tank, electrical connection and brake lines on both new and used vehicles.

Undercarriage Care

It gets as much attention as a white crayon! The underside of your vehicle has to be the most neglected, ignored part of the car. Poor thing. But it is exposed to some of the worst elements of the road.

Gravel, sand, salt and construction cause minerals to accumulate over time in our vehicle's nooks and crannies.

This neoprene rubber and petroleum-based undercoating will permanently seal your undercarriage and can be used on both new and used vehicles.

Not only that, but our Underbody Sound Deadener cuts road noise and vibrations by up to a 40%!!

It also insulates against extreme temperature conditions – cooler in summer, warmer in winter.

And, it has self-healing properties meaning it is crack and scratch-resistant.

That's not enough for you? OK. We also offer an exclusive lifetime warranty!

Interior Protection

Protect the interior of your vehicle including leather, vinyl & carpets from UV, dirt, dust and stains.

Leather Protection - Ming Shine's formula contains the latest conditioning agents enriched with vitamin E and aloe to protect the original look and feel of any vehicle's leather surfaces.

Vinyl Protection - We have the perfect formula to nourish the surface with a natural shine and maximum protection while providing UV protection that resists fading and cracking.

Fabric Protection - An advanced water-based carpet protector with environmentally conscious flurochemical technology. With the benefit of added acid stain blockers, carpet fibres are protected from absorbing acid-based stains allowing easier cleaning, reducing excess fibre wear and extending fabric life.

Don't sweat the details! When you take a look at all the different services we have to offer and why, a normal car wash just doesn't seem to cut it anymore. Auto detailing is absolutely worth your time and investment.

Contact us today to remove the dirt you can see, eliminate the stuff you can't see (and don't want to think about), all while protecting your vehicle for years to come and maximizing its resale value.