New Salt Brine on Edmonton Roads Will Cost You


The City of Edmonton has confirmed that major roads will be coated in a new salty brine that will cause rust damage to your vehicle.

Salt brine is a calcium chloride liquid that is sprayed on roads which melts snow faster than any other de-icer. Salt brine not only destroys metal finishes, it can also cause major issues with equipment and electrical components. 

How Much Damage Does Salt Brine Do to Cars?

Canada uses approximately seven million tonnes of salt per year, according to Environment Canada, causing $4.8 billion in damage per year. According to CBC, the average Edmontonian will start to find $400 - $600 of corrosion-related problems per year as time goes on! 

So, why do Canadian municipalities rely on salt brine? Because it’s cost effective.

How Fast Will Salt Rust Your Car? 

Surprisingly, spring is when most of the damage occurs. Edmonton is known to have its share of fluctuating temperatures between seasons. As temperatures rise, salt-built up on a vehicle is exposed to excessive moisture and accelerates corrosion

Once your vehicle starts to rust, you will see the deterioration within two to three years.

How To Prevent Rust on Your Car

Here are some tips for avoiding corrosion and rust:

  • Crack and scratch-resistant undercoating (we offer a lifetime warranty)

  • Thoroughly wash your vehicle regularly to remove any salt build up

  • Undercarriage rinses during winter and after winter will protect all of your vehicle’s undercarriage components

  • Don’t use an anti rust module, they are generally a waste of money and do not work, instead consider a wax based rust proofing solution

  • Touch up and seal any exposed metal from rock chips or paint flaking

Worried about rust wreaking havoc on your vehicle? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

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