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Ming Shine Hygienic Protocols

We’ll Make Your Vehicle Look Great While Stopping Harmful Bacteria in its Tracks!

At Ming, we take pride in helping our customers restore that new-car feeling to their ride. While aesthetics are a major part of our business, we also believe in taking the necessary precautions to eliminate the spread of harmful bacteria.

That’s why we have an “operating-room” standard for cleanliness the entire time your vehicle is in our care.

But how do we uphold such a high standard for sanitization? It all comes down to our processes. Here’s a look at a few things we do to keep your vehicle germ free!

Vapour Steaming – most auto detailers sit inside the actual vehicle for the entire duration of the interior clean. Unfortunately, this can significantly increase the number of germs transferred to your vehicle’s surfaces. To combat this issue, we’ve invested in vapour steaming technology that allows us to clean your interior while significantly reducing the time required to be inside it!

Protective Equipment – germs can be transferred by physical contact or through the air. Just to be safe, we’ve decided to protect against both. Each employee is required to wear a mask and gloves when working on your vehicle.

Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Products – Our cleaning products make your car shine like it did when you pulled off the lot for the first time. But not only will they make your vehicle look fantastic – we also specifically select products that effectively eliminate bacteria.

Hands Off Services – minimizing physical contact with your vehicle helps to prevent the spread of bacteria and other harmful substances. Whenever we can, we use sterilized tools to perform tasks, thus reducing the risk of germs being transferred.

Combined, these practices allow us to make your vehicle look great while stopping harmful bacteria in its tracks!

A steam wand
  • Vapour Steaming
  • Protective Equipment
  • Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Products
  • Hands Off Services

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