Our Beginnings

Originally opened in 1959, Ming Shine was the first company in Edmonton to offer premium Auto Detailing and New Car Protection services.  Ron Lucas purchased the Ming Shine franchise in 1988 and at the time, his duties consisted of working in the shop and providing customer service in addition to book keeping and accounting.  Back then, only three staff members were employed. Today, fifteen employees are on-board during the peak auto-detailing season.

Our Business Model

Our business model is simple: Provide quality products with personalized service and always focus on customer satisfaction. Each person is treated special, and our mission is to hear “WOW” from every customer. From the showroom to the open road ahead, Ming Shine is committed to being a part of your journey.

Our Staff

We see the best in everybody. As a company with integrity, we believe in uniting a team, pursuing the best for all and watching out for everyone. Challenges and mistakes are embraced as opportunities for learning, soliciting and valuing positive feedback for organizational success.

Our Name

Ever wonder why we’re called ‘Ming’? It is actually an acronym for ‘Masters in Natural Glaze’.

Ming Shine North Edmonton Location

Ming Shine North Edmonton Location

Ming Shine South Edmonton Location

Ming Shine South Edmonton Location

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