Opti-Coat Pro+ delivers more gloss and greater protection than ever before.


Very, very, very hard to scratch.

Opti-Coat is applied by hand as a liquid, but as it dries it bonds with your vehicle’s clear coat to form the most durable paint protection on the market. Developed in Memphis, Tennessee, by Dr. David Ghodoussi, Opti-Coat is the only product that uses silicon carbide. The only paint protector, that is. Because of its extraordinary hardness, silicon carbide is also used in bulletproof vests, high-performance saw blades, and more.

The clear coat on a new car generally measures between 2H and 4H on the Mohs hardness scale. Once it cures, Opti-Coat creates a glass coat surface with a whopping 9H that offers unmatched protection against rock chips. Diamonds, the hardest natural substance, come in at 10H.

The only downside to Opti-Coat is that we’ll see you less often.

Not only does Opti-Coat protect your car from physical and chemical damage, it also resists everything from bugs to bird droppings to water spots. Its smoothness and hydrophobic properties make your paint self-cleaning and, when it’s finally time to stop by Ming, the freshly-washed look will last significantly longer.

Tennessee’s Slickest Two-Step.

Opti-Coat was launched over a decade ago, but the research and development never stopped. Opti-Coat Pro Plus is an enhanced two-step version of the classic coating, designed to add incredible slickness, gloss, and colour depth to the finish.

Note: Opti-Coat is certified to ISO-9001 Standards. Opti-Coat Pro must be professionally applied by an approved Opti-Coat installer and is not available over the counter.