Dash cameras allow their users to capture real time high-definition video, audio, and GPS information while driving. Often times when in an accident, determining responsibility can be a battle of "he said, she said." Dash cameras remove anecdotal evidence and provide hard video and audio evidence for a multitude of situations. Dash cameras can aid in collision evidence and making insurance claims.  The last thing you need after a not-at-fault accident is non-compliance from the other party. Avoid insurance claim hassles and call for a dash camera quote today.


  • Reduced hassle while making insurance claims
  • Some insurance companies may offer discounts for dash camera users
  • Hard video, audio, and GPS evidence for making insurance claims.

We offer dash camera install services for all vehicles with a multitude of equipment. We hardwire the dash camera into the vehicles electrical system, align the cameras, and test the system. All our installs include a voltage regulator so that your dash camera continues to record while the vehicle is off without draining your battery.